The Adventurers is not another throwaway text-based Lootproject clone with no long term utility. We understand the fun and appeal behind text RPG themed NFTs, but we also understand the NFT space is heavily Art focused. So we were inspired to combine the best of both worlds. Lucky minters who manage to snag one of our free NFTs during our stealth drop will benefit greatly by holding their NFT, as we will start rolling out utility within the first week alone.

Our plan is to lower the barrier to entry and increase adoption with our initial free NFT drop and use proceeds to benefit the NFT community with utility and continue to build a fun and exciting community. This is why we have decided to release our first drop publically absolutely free!

We sold out. You can still get Adventurers on


Mint starts:

Text-trait NFT

The Adventurers NFT will be released in 3 phases. Our initial mint will be a Text NFT listing out the traits of your character. This NFT will have additional utilty where holders can later redeem it for a Profile Picture NFT.
In the third phase, all holders will be able to upgrade their NFT in to a full body profile picture. The traits and properties of your initial text NFT will carry forward and evolve each time across the 3 phases


  • - Users will be able to mint directly from the smart contract or from this website.
  • - The first mint is FREE to everyone (plus gas) and limited to 1 per address.